This Spring at the library, we have seen our fair share of cabin fever.  Parents and kids just need to get out of the house and the Library is a great place to go!  Just take a look at all the programs  in our Spring Check Us Out.  We have been working hard to offer something for everyone.

There were a few books at our house this Winter that were in heavy rotation.  Let me tell you a little about them!

Mo’s Mustache by Ben Clanton

All kinds of fun words to share.

Mo is a monster who just received his brand new mustache in the mail!  All the other monsters give him praise for it.  They love it so much, they all go out and get their own mustaches.  Mo is upset that everyone keeps copying his fresh new style, so he gets a new scarf.  Suddenly, everyone else has a new scarf.  There is a lesson to be learned about imitation being the greatest form of flattery and to let things go every once and while.

Clanton is well known for his simple, adorable and soft illustrations.  He is not afraid to use antiquated language.  My daughter’s favorite new word is, “Huzzah!”  Multiple monsters also makes an opportunity for Mom or Dad to break out their acting chops and give voice to monsters of all shapes, color and size.


Phooey! by Marc Rosenthal

If he would just turn his head, this boy would see all kinds of crazy things happening!

Phooey! follows the afternoon of a boy who is convinced there is absolutely nothing interesting about his town.  Meanwhile, the can he kicks at the beginning of the book sets off a chain of events that any child would find hilarious and ridiculous.  Elephants, pirates, and a cascade of oranges all transpire in the background, unbeknownst to the boy who is convinced that “Nothing ever happens!”.

This book is not for those afraid of making sound effects!  Most pages only contain words like “whoooosh” “ooof” and “whiiiiiiiish”.  It’s great fun to have your child repeat the sound effects you make, so they can apply them to everyday event in your life.  We all need more children running around saying “PLOP!”



Cheetah Can’t Lose by Bob Shea

What fashionable running shoes you have…

Bob Shea is a fan favorite with parents and children alike.  His pacing allows for a quick read that can get any child excited about a story.  In Cheetah Can’t Lose, we meet a very confident cheetah who is excited about the annual race (which he always wins).  The other contestants, two little cats, explain that this years race is different and there will be new races before the big race.  The little cats lead Cheetah through a mix of silly contests and prizes in an effort to slow the Cheetah down for the actual race.  In the end the cats win the big race, but feel so bad about how they treated Cheetah that they give him the winners medal.

For older kids, be sure to let your kids in on the little cats plan as it unfolds.  It is a blast voicing Cheetah, who gets winded, full and exhausted as the mini-contests go on.  Shea’s simple and vibrant illustrations really draw a child’s attention.

The weather is finally making a turn for the better.  These books make for a fun moment to share any time of the year.  Go read them outside!





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