Isabelle in Cleveland

Music has helped me through some difficult times. Under normal circumstances, I always prefer to perform and see fellow musicians play live — a shared experience in a communal space — but with the new restrictions on social gatherings, I knew that one of the things I would miss most was live music. So when a friend invited my partner and I to perform as part of a new music series called the Quarantine Concerts, I was thrilled! We coordinated with a handful of other artists across state lines, completed digital video- and sound-checks, and performed live online for a global audience. I thought playing from my living room would feel alien, but the whole experience gave me the same butterflies I get when I play in front of an audience, and the messages I received from friends and family who watched the show warmed my heart. My new tradition is tuning in each night to see others perform. It’s not the same, but I know people around the world are listening too, and we’re coping together.

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