Juggling Life and Family-a Mother’s Dilemma

As Glamour Magazine’s Books Editor,  Elisabeth Egan knows her readers want characters who are easy to relate to in believable engaging stories. With A Window Opens, she’s given them just that in her debut book which was on a number of last summer’s reading lists. If you missed it, this is your chance to catch up.

Alice Pearse is your typical contemporary suburban mother, but perhaps with a few extra benefits. She works part time at a job she loves for a Manhattan  magazine, takes care of her three children in the northern New Jersey home she shares with her attorney husband and has enough spare time to volunteer and see her dear friend and bookstore owner, while drinking coffee, talking about books, their families, and planning bookstore events.

This all changes the day her husband comes home from work and tells her he did not make partner at his law firm. When he relates that he was so distraught that he threw his computer across the conference room, they both realize he won’t be going back to that firm while he figures out his next professional move. Alice soon lands a full time job with a start up company that sounds eerily like Amazon, and not in a good way, since their mission is to provide books, entertainment and eventually just about everything anyone would want to buy while overwhelming their competitors with their inventory and low pricing.

At first, Alice is in awe of the responsibility given to her by this up and coming corporation which opens its ‘brick and mortar’ headquarters in Cleveland, Ohio but soon the long hours, travel and vague assignments start to take their toll. Add in her husband’s inability to find a job, his desire to start his own firm, and his increasing aloofness(and perhaps resentment at her quick success).  Alice’s jealousy at her children’s sudden gravitation toward her husband as the go-to parent, her father’s long illness and her bookstore friend’s displeasure that Alice has joined a company that could force her out of business all add to her stress. Alice has a lot to handle and her tenacity is a testimony to all mothers  who often have so many balls to juggle and sometimes must put everything on the line to find that life, work, and family balance. Life isn’t always easy, is often messy and occasionally tragic. Root for Alice and discover how she handles all the pressure.




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