Kathryn Akucewich: The Ordinary and the Sacred

Kathryn grew up in a family with many creative artists/craftsmen in it and has fond childhood memories of receiving informal painting lessons from her aunt and drawing lessons from her father. Though she didn’t pursue a formal course of art study, she did squeeze in art classes in high school and college whenever possible. As a young adult, she enjoyed the design process using various mediums: watercolors, acrylics, printmaking, bookmaking, collage, colored pencil, textiles and mosaics.

Then came marriage and children, and art got somewhat sidelined for the many years of raising a large family. Kathryn started keeping an illustrated gratitude journal 5 years ago, which reignited her passion to create by joining it with her faith life and search for truth. This has led to larger projects and periodic sharing of her work. She has a love of color and using art to explore the spiritual, the ordinary and everything in between. It has been a delightful journey.

Mission Statement

To explore and celebrate the ordinary sacredness of life and to pass this joy on to others!

Contact Information

If you are interested in purchase of art for sale, you can reach me at akucewich.family@mac.com.