Let’s Go to the Fair!

What’s summer time without going to the fair? Eating funnel cakes, sipping on lemonade, and riding the carousel are some of our favorite things to do at the fair!


The Brass Ring by Nancy Tafuri

Night at the Fair

Night at the Fair by Donald Crews

Carousel by Donald Crews


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The Merry-Go-Round (tune: Here We Go Round the Mulberry Bush)

The merry-go-round goes ’round and ’round

The children laughed and laughed and laughed

So many were going ’round and ’round

That the merry-go-round collapsed



The carousel goes round and round

The horses go up and down

Up and down…round and round

I want to ride it, all day long


Bouncing Balloons

This is the way we bounce the balloons,

Bounce the balloons, bounce the balloons,

This is the way we bounce the balloons, gently in the air


Ten Little Horses on the Carousel

One little, two little, three little horses

Four little, five little, six little horses

Seven little, eight little, nine little horses

Ten horses on the carousel



The kids received a picture of a carousel horse and decorated it using crayons, stickers, jewels, and glitter (lots of glitter!).  They were as dazzling as the carnival!




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