Library foundation seeks literacy award nominations

The Fund for the Future of Heights Libraries is currently seeking nominations for its 2019 FFHL Honor Roll. Winners will be chosen by the FFHL board and will be celebrated at the Honor Roll Dinner on Sunday, November 10, 2019, at the Acacia Clubhouse at Acacia Reservation, 26899 Cedar Road, Lyndhurst Ohio 44124.

Nominations will be accepted through Friday, Aug. 2, and should be sent via email to Chase Klingenstein at

Nominations  must include the following:

  1. the name and contact information for both the nominee and the nominator
  2. a description of the nominee’s relevant background
  3. a statement as to why she/he should be chosen

Chosen recipients will be officially inducted at a dinner banquet in November. Tickets and sponsorships will be available soon.

The honor is a “lifetime achievement” award, recognizing those who have made a sustained, outstanding contribution to the Cleveland Heights/University Heights community by promoting literacy or by educating through literacy. Patterned after the Heights Libraries’ mission of “Opening Doors, Opening Minds.” A Door Opener is someone who provides access to education, literature, and opportunity through literacy. A Mind Opener is someone who stimulates the minds of community members through literature and thoughtful discussion, or connections with though provoking ideas or individuals.

Last year’s recipients were Drapaudi Pradhan, Suzanne DeGaetano and Rachel Wayne Nelson. They joined John Jarvey and Marilyn McLaughlin from the inaugural year of the Honor Roll.

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