Coventry branch waterproofing will require tree removal

Trees on the west side of the Coventry Branch, along Coventry Road, will be removed as part of the waterproofing process.

Heights Libraries Coventry Village Branch was built in 1926, and is the first and oldest Heights Libraries building. The Library is committed to maintaining and improving the building, and over the past three years has invested in both the exterior and interior, by undertaking an extensive tuck-pointing project and a redesign and expansion of the children’s area.

The latest improvement project for the building with be a full waterproofing of the foundations on all sides. In order to complete this project, two large oak trees and a number of smaller trees will have to be removed in the next few weeks by VanCuren Tree Services. A representative for VanCuren says the company repurposes trees for mulch, wood chips, and firewood.

“The oaks tower over the library on the Coventry Road side, and we agree that they are very majestic,” says Heights Libraries Director Nancy Levin. “When the project is complete, new trees will be planted and landscaping will be replaced all around the building.

“It is very hard to part with these beautiful oaks—Cleveland Heights is known for its beautiful tree canopy–but saving the historic building from pervasive moisture is also very important,” continues Levin. “Our Coventry branch has stood for nearly 100 years, and we want it to last 100 more.”

After the waterproofing is complete, the Library plans to renovate the lower level of the building by adding meeting rooms, a kitchenette, and other amenities that will allow the building to be even more useful to community members.

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