Locks, Letters, and Love

These days with the news I’ve been finding myself drawn to really light reading. It’s comforting in a time when there doesn’t seem to be a lot of comfort out in the “real” world, so having a bright spot in books is always welcome! I absolutely adored The Secrets of Love Story Bridge (Ebook/Audiobook) by Phaedra Patrick!

Day in and day out Mitchell Fisher cuts locks off of a bridge in his hometown. People lock them on to declare their love, and Mitchell gets annoyed that they are throwing off the weight of the bridge. The former architect, now single father/city worker, used to build bridges in the city, but when tragedy struck, the mother of his daughter Poppy was killed. Mitchell now lives for structure, until one day when he sees a beautiful woman lean too far over the bridge and fall into the water. Mitchell, a man who lived by spreadsheets and structure, jumped into action and saves the mysterious woman, only to wind up in the hospital himself. He tries to find out what happened to the woman, and it turns out, she is the long long sister of his daughter’s music teacher Liza. Mitchell finds himself at once a new hometown hero, receiving hundreds of letters from people telling him their love stories in relation to the bridge, in the middle of solving a family mystery trying to find Liza’s sister, and learning to find himself again after losing the love of his life.

I really enjoyed that this book had a bit of mystery, romance, and character growth in Mitchell. If you find this intriguing, you may also like Patrick’s other books:

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