Looking at the Broader Picture

Since I don’t have cable and wait for my TV shows to come in at the Library, I am now just experiencing the greatness that is the British TV show called Broadchurch. It takes place in a seaside town- stunning location. The community is very close knit. And the whole town is shaken when an 11 year old boy is found dead on the beach. Suspicions lurk in every corner. And I’m hooked- just after watching 2 episodes!

Part of what makes this show great is the talented two leads: Olivia Colman and David Tennant. So while you are waiting for your hold to come in on Broadchurch, check out these two in some of their other work.

Oliva Colman first came to my attention in a very off the wall British comedy called Peep Show. Check out the first season through the library. Or to see her in a more dramatic turn where she got rave reviews, check out Tyrannosaur. And for something in the middle, watch her as a visiting queen in Hyde Park on the Hudson.

David Tennant also runs the gamut of serious to funny roles. He starred in the dramatic BBC mini-series Spies of Warsaw. Tennant also made the role of Hamlet his own in a modern production co-starring Patrick Stewart. He stars alongside Kelly Macdonald in the Scottish romantic comedy The Decoy Bride. Oh, and he’s been in some series called Doctor Who…maybe you’ve heard of it?

Happy watching!

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