Looking for Christian Fiction

Looking for Christian Fiction and Don’t Know Where to Turn?

The Heights Matchmakers are here to help.

We’ve assembled a series of book lists highlighting both popular Christian fiction authors and urban Christian fiction authors.

Because we can only fit so many books into each list, we’ve selected a representative book (often the most recent book) by an author. However, if you click — not on the book’s title — but on the author’s name, you’ll be taken to a page which will show you all the books by that author which are in the entire CLEVNET system.

For instance, Be Careful What You Pray For looks interesting but you’d like to see more books by Nicole S. Rouse. Click on her name which you’ll find just below the book title, and check out her other five books.

Popular Christian Fiction Authors

Popular Urban Christian Fiction Authors

When you find a book you’re interested in, click on the “place a hold here” link to have almost any book sent to a CLEVNET library nearest you.

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