Murder for Christ’s Mass–the Newest Templar Mystery


I’ve been waiting for Maureen Ash’s newest in the Knight Templar series.   At the end of the last book,  A Plague of Poison,  de Marins was left with the choice of leaving the Templars permanently to accept the King’s offer to restore his father’s lands to him so that he could name an heir, remaining as a retainer of Nicolaa de la Haye (thus enabling him to care for Gianni, his servant/son surrogate in another way) or  remaining with the Templars, keeping the vows he made before going to the Holy Land.  Gianni expressed a desire to stay in the de la Haye household to train as a clerk, thus freeing  de Marins to follow his ‘fate.’  He was given a year to wrap up business and return to the Templars.

I’ve been anxious to see what happens, how Ash will continue the series.  I was really excited to get the book and the fact that it is set at Christmas time is a wonderful bonus.  I like to read fiction with a holiday background at this time of year and it is nice to have something new (although I will go back and read some old favorites) this year.

I found out the other day that I am not the only one who has developed this habit.  One of my patrons reads all of Dickens’ Christmas stories every year in the order in which Dickens wrote them!  That is truly impressive.  I, on the other hand, am not quite that dedicated.  I’ll settle for a couple of Miss Read books and de Marin’s latest adventure in the thirteenth century.

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