Navigating Google’s Chrome Browser

The library staff recommends that customers use the Google Chrome browser instead of Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox to assure a more secure Internet experience on library computers. Most customers are unfamiliar with navigation in Google Chrome, so that’s the focus of this blog post.

At first glance the streamlined Chrome browser is missing the buttons that one typically sees in other browsers. Once customers become accustomed to the new look and learn where their favorite tools are located, they become more comfortable with Chrome.

In Chrome one doesn’t have to use a separate search box to connect with a search engine. When looking for a topic, person, place or thing, simply type the search terms into the address bar (where the web address or URL is typed). For example, to search for restaurants in the Cleveland area, type restaurants Cleveland Oh into the address bar and press Enter on the keyboard.

Chrome immediately connects with the results of the query via a Google search results page.

Wonder where the browser tools are located? The tools to enable editing, printing and more are located in the top right hand corner of the browser window underneath the X which closes the window. Locate the Triple Black Bar in the corner, to the right of the Address Bar. This is the shortcut for customizing and controlling Google Chrome. Click on the triple black bar to open the menu.

Cut, Copy and Paste as well as the Zoom feature are available in the drop-down menu.


Need to print an article from the Internet? The first step is to check at the beginning or end of the article to locate and open a Printer Friendly version of the article. Look for the term Printer Friendly or Print Friendly. If you don’t see either term, look for the term Share, which offers choices for bookmarking, emailing or sharing the article. One of the options in Share is Print Friendly. 


  1. Once Print Friendly is selected, a preview opens
  2. Click Print
  3. The Printer dialog menu opens with another preview
  4. Select the options, such as portrait/landscape, etc.
  5. Click Print

Take special care to indicate the number of pages you want to print. Use the scroll at the print preview to determine which pages you want to print. Otherwise the default is to print all pages.

Chrome’s Tabbed Browsing offers additional convenience. If a new tab is opened from an existing one (e.g. after clicking on an embedded link) the new tab is placed next to the original tab instead of at the end of the tab group. This makes it easy to locate tabs that belong together.

Opening a new tab or closing a tab is quick and easy. To open a new tab, click on the New Tab button located at the right of the tab(s). New tabs open with a blank URL ready for a new address to be typed into the address bar.

To close a tab, click on the X at the right side of the tab.

Open tabs can be rearranged with a single mouse click.

  1. Click on a tab with the left mouse button
  2. While holding button down, drag the tab to the new location.


Tabs can also be dragged to a new browser window.

  1. Click on a tab with the left mouse button
  2. While holding the button down, drag the tab to the task bar where the other open browser window can be seen

Additional tab functions, such as Reload and Duplicate Tab, can be found by right-button clicking on a tab.

Enjoy Internet browsing using Google Chrome!


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