New Children’s Fiction: Auggie & Me, three Wonder stories

Hello, all! It’s your friendly neighborhood librarian here to tell you about a great new title that I finished recently. November’s pick is:

Auggie & Me

Three Wonder Stories

Auggie & Me

Written by R.J. Palacio

Okay, so for the few people in the world that don’t know about Wonder, the original book, let me just tell you that it is truly WONDER-ful. (See what I did there?) Please do yourself a favor and read it if you haven’t by now.

Auggie & Me is a companion to Wonder. It’s actually 3 short stories featuring some characters from the original story and a new character altogether. Unfortunately this book fell flat for me. I was disappointed in the fact that Auggie, the main character from Wonder is not featured prominently in this title-insert sad face.  🙁

“The Julian Chapter” was the best part of this book, because it really delved into Julian (who was a bully to Auggie) and why he felt it was okay to mistreat Auggie. It’s refreshing to read a story from a bully’s point of view. We all need to be reminded that our enemies are people too.

The next short story “Pluto” was about a boy named Chris, who was Auggie’s first friend. We get to learn a little about Auggie as a very young boy and his health challenges.

The last story was about Charlotte, who was a minor character in the original story. He story had the very least to do with Auggie Pullman and was the least interesting to read.

I’d still recommend this for children ages 10-13, I think this would be great reading for the classroom. Especially “The Julian Chapter” because it gets into the history of the Holocaust, and makes some very strong connections about bullying, friendship, and bravery.

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