New Children’s Fiction: The Spider Ring

Hello, all! It’s your friendly neighborhood librarian here to tell you about a great new title that I finished recently.

The Spider Ring

The Spider Ring

Author: Andrew Harwell

Maria Lopez inherits a strange spider ring from her grandmother. She discovers that this ring will allow her to communicate with spiders and that the spiders will do her bidding. She has been warned, however not to abuse this ability.

Unfortunately, I did not enjoy this book. When it comes to children’s fantasy titles I expect a fair amount of action, either a kidnapping, a magical burst of power, or a chase scene. This book did not have any of that in the first half, which deterred me from finishing the second half.

Based on others’ reviews of this, I am in the minority, so give it a chance and see for yourself, whether I am wrong or right. I would recommend this book for readers ages 9-12.

Stay tuned next month for my next children’s or teens’ new book review. 

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