New Features in PowerPoint 2010


 Enhanced Ribbon Toolbar

The PowerPoint 2010 Ribbon is now customizable. The Ribbon can be customized by right-clicking somewhere on the Ribbon and choosing Customize the Ribbon….


 PowerPoint to Video Conversion

PowerPoint 2010 presentations can now be converted to videos. In order to create a video:

  1. Click the File tab to open the Backstage view
  2. Choose Save & Send from the list on the left
  3. Chose Create a Video from the Save & Send menu


Adding Sections to a Presentation

PowerPoint 2010 allows sections to be added, which helps organize a presentation by grouping all related slides under individual sections. The Section commands can be found in the Home tab –>Slides group.


 Background Removal Tool

The Background Removal tool is a great addition to PowerPoint 2010 (it can also be found in Word 2010). Simply, it removes the background of any image. Picture Format tab –>Adjust group –>Background Removal command. Depending on the image, background removal may be smooth or require a bit more editing.


Enhanced Features for Embedded Videos

It is now very easy to embed videos into PowerPoint presentations. PowerPoint 2007 also allowed for embedded videos in presentations, but PowerPoint 2010 has made it even easier. Now users can easily perform some common operations on the embedded videos with a simple right-click.


  Equation Editor

The Equation Editor was added to Office 2007 in Word and Excel; it has now been added to PowerPoint in 2010. The Equation Editor allows for the creation of mathematical equations. Insert tab–> Symbols group –> Equation command.


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