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Dead Good Detectives

Jul 9, 2024

Written by: Jenny McLachlan

Illustrated by: Chloe Dominique

From the UK’s bestselling author of the Land of Roar series comes this first book in a spooky, swashbuckling duology!

Sid Jones and her best friend, Zen, like to play in their local graveyard–but they never expected their ghostly games to suddenly turn real. When Sid accidentally frees the spirit of Ezekiel “Bones” Kittow, a pirate who died nearly three hundred years prior, he asks her to help him find his long-lost treasure so his soul can finally be at rest. The only problem? He can’t remember where, or even what, the treasure is.

With nothing but a spectral hand-drawn map to help guide their search, Sid, Bones, Zen, and an annoyingly loud ghost parrot set out to complete their quest. But haunting their every step is Old Scratch, a creepy specter who runs the eerie graveyard prison keeping Bones, his crew, and many other spirits trapped. Old Scratch won’t let Bones be free without a fight, and in the end, there may be much more sinister threats to face down. . . .