Outlawed in the Dystopian Wild West

If you’re looking for a queer western set in a dystopian wild west, look no further! Anna North’s Outlawed (ebook) has got you covered. Seventeen year old Ada, a midwife’s assistant, is married off and starts her journey to fulfill her life’s purpose: bearing children. You see, in this town if you don’t bear children, you are disgraced. Best case scenario, you get shunned; worst case scenario, you’re hanged as a witch…Unfortunately for Ada, who both doesn’t get pregnant and is a midwife, is accused by her in-laws and has to go on the run to save herself from a life in jail. She comes across a group of outlaws, all other women or nonbinary folks who also had to run because of the lack of reproduction. She learns to shoot, ride horses, and earns her keep in the camp as their doctor. The Kid, and the Kid’s girlfriend lead the gang, and they come up with their biggest plan yet of robbery and saving a town in the process. Check out this novel, and another book that is sort of in the same gender-bending western family, Upright Women Wanted (ebook/audiobook) by Sarah Gailey.

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