Outlaws no more

A couple years ago, I read a review of a forthcoming book that I just had to read. It wasn’t a bestseller. It wasn’t the latest book out by one of “the” authors. It wasn’t about to be made into a movie. But it sounded so interesting. It’s hard to pass up a good non-fiction book with a love story. Besides, this one had 15 love stories!


Outlaw Marriages, with the subtitle of “The Hidden Histories of Fifteen Extraordinary Same-Sex Couples,” came out (pun intended) in 2012. It tells the fascinating stories of power couples who weren’t known to society at large as couples. However, one or both of each of these couples may have been a household name: Greta Garbo, Walt Whitman, James Baldwin, Aaron Copland…


Well, who knew that a mere three years later the Supreme Court would have made honest men and women out of all these people? It might just be history now, but it’s still a great read. #LoveWins

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