Picture Book Picks! (April)

Hello, all! This is your friendly neighborhood librarian and I’m here to tell you about some new(ish) books that have come across my path. Every month I’ll blog about the new picture books that I like. Below are three books that are sure to tickle your funny bone!

Z is for Moose

Z Is for Moose

Kelly J. Bingham (author); Paul O. Zelinsky (illustrator)

This hilarious book takes the alphabet and turns it topsy-turvy, all while inviting the reader into all kinds of shenanigans. I recommend this for one-on-one reading, and reading aloud with a group of children.

Next on my list is HippoSpotamus


Jeanne Willis (author); Tony Ross (illustrator)

This is also another humorous book that will remind you of any Dr. Seuss classic. It has a fun and rhyming cadence and is full of made-up words that children will enjoy repeating. They may even begin to make up there own words! I recommend this for one-on-one or group read-alouds.

Last-but not least- is The Crocodile Blues

The Crocodile Blues

Coleman Polhmus (author & illustrator)

I simply love this wordless picture book! The illustrations are gorgeous, hilarious, and unique. You and your child may enjoy coming up with your own words to go along with the pictures. You may even want to play some jazzy/bluesy music while reading to go along with the boogie-woogie of the story 😉 I recommend this for parent-child(ren) reading times.

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