Picture Book Picks (July)

Hello, all! This is your friendly neighborhood librarian and I’m here to tell you about some great new books that have come across my path.

First up on my pile is:

Open this Little Book

Open This Little Book

Jesse Klausmeier (words); Suzy Lee (pictures)

This is such a charming book with adorable, retro illustrations. The power that books hold on a child’s imagination is highlighted with this title. I give this book 5 out of 5 stars! I know I haven’t instituted a star rating yet, but this book definitely deserves it. I’m also putting it on my list for Caldecott considerations (because, you know…it’s never too early;).

I recommend this for one-to-one (or two) bedtime reading; for children 8 months to about four years old.

Next on my pile of awesome is:

Count the Monkeys

Count the Monkeys

Mac Barnett (words); Kevin Cornell (pictures)

This book is a LOOOOT of fun! The illustrations are hilarious, the story is interactive and children will enjoy counting the various groups of animals while trying to get to the monkeys.

I recommend this for group storytelling; ages 4-7.

Last on my list is:



Bob Staake (words and pictures)

This wordless picture book is a very heartwarming story of friendship between a boy and his bird. The illustrations are adorable and evocative; simple and striking. Without the text you and your child can narrate the story based on the child’s interpretation of the pictures. This story is absolutely lovely.

I recommend for one to one, quiet time reading  for children ages 4-7.

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