Picture Book Picks (May)

Hello, all! This is your friendly neighborhood librarian and I’m here to tell you about some new(ish) books that have come across my path.

Well, first off, I’m simply RAVING about AGAIN!, by Emily Gravett (words and pictures).


This little dragon simply does NOT want to go to bed, and his poor mother is trying so hard to get him to go to sleep. This book has hilarious illustrations, a fun and catchy rhyme cadence and a very funny ending. I recommend for one-on-one reading, or for storytimes with preschool or kindergarten age children.

The next book that caught my eye recently was Squeak, Rumble, Whomp! Whomp! Whomp!,

Wynton Marsalis (words); Paul Rogers (pictures)

Oh my onomatopoeia! This book is full of rumbles, clicks , tocks, and ticks. Children can learn to appreciate the everyday music of day to day living with this book.  I recommend for group reading with kindergarten age children.

The last book in my pile of awesome is That is NOT a Good Idea!

That Is Not A Good Idea!

Mo Willems (words and pictures) gives us another great picture book that kids can participate with. The sly Fox meets a friendly Duck and invites her to his home for  supper. Kids will enjoy chanting ‘that is not a good idea’ while reading the story. Parents will enjoy the retro silent-film type pictures. I recommend for one-on-one reading and for group read alouds for toddlers, preschool, and kindergarteners.


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