Picture Book Picks! (October)

The weather outside is frightful, but you can have a warm and wonderful time with these great books I’ve featured below! The first title to catch my eye this month is:

Anything is Possible

Guilia Bellone (words); Marco Trevisan (pictures)

In this book the sheep and wolf are friends, which I think is a refreshing take on the typical relationship. Sheep wants to learn to fly like the birds, so he asks his good friend Wolf to help him in this endeavor. The two learn the importance of imagination, hard work and teamwork in this adorable and touching story.

I recommend this title for story-time reading or parent-child reading: ages 3-5.

The next book is:

Anton and the Battle

Anton and his friend Luke fight an epic battle to be declared the strongest of the pair. They each use their imagination to ‘out-strong’ the other, until they are beaten by an unlikely visitor!

I like this book because it emphasizes the power of a child’s imagination and creativity. Children don’t need fancy devices or electronics in order to have a great time. Imagination is the first and most important toy that children of all ages will ever have. For more books about imagination and creativity, click HERE.

I recommend this book for one-to-one (or two) reading with children ages 2-5.

The next new picture book that caught my eye is:

Warning: Do Not Open This Book!

Adam Lehrhaupt (words); Matthew Forsythe (pictures)

This book if full of mischief, mayhem, and all around shenanigans. Don’t say you weren’t warned 😉

I recommend this for story-time reading with children ages 3-6

My last pick for the month of October is:

Ah Ha!

Jeff Mack (words & pictures)

This adorable and entertaining book is about the ups, downs, and adventures of a frog’s day. The text is various combinations of the letters A and H (and an exclamation point).  I’m reminded of the book Ball, which I featured on this blog last month. Children can practice reading on their own with this book and you can teach them about inflection.

I recommend this for one-to-one or story-time reading with children ages 3-6.

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