Picture Book Picks! (September)

The change of seasons is bringing about some great picture books for us here at Heights Libraries! The first title I’m highlighting is:

Maude the Not-so-Noticeable Shrimpton 

Lauren Child (words); Trisha Krauss (pictures)

This is a cautionary tale about the surprising perils of craving constant attention. Maude is the only wallflower in a family full of flamboyant attention seekers. The illustrations are charming and children will enjoy looking for Maude on each page, for she finds interesting ways to blend into the background. This book also has great vocabulary; words such as ‘inconspicuously’, ‘eccentric’ and ‘exceedingly’ make this a good choice for school age children.

I recommend this title for one-to-one, small group, or classroom reading; ages 7-9.

The next title is:


Mary Sullivan (words & pictures)

While searching for someone to play ball with him, a dog dreams of fantastical adventures he could have with his ball. This is really cute and interesting twist on a ‘wordless picture book’. It’s cute and funny and your child will enjoy creating her own story to go along with the pictures.

I recommend for one-to-one reading ages 2-5.

My last recommendation for this month is:

I Dare You Not to Yawn

Hélène Boudreau (words); Serge Bloch (pictures)

This book has storytime written all over it! This is a hilarious tale about those sneaky, creepy, and dangerous yawns (that come upon you when you least expect it)! Good luck not succumbing to those insidious yawns while reading this book.

I highly recommend (and will most likely read this) for storytime programs, ages 3-6.

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