Plenty of Penguins

Today we traveled to the Antarctic and played with some penguins! Our books for today were:

Polar Opposites, by Erik Brooks

Polar Opposites

After a few classic songs and rhymes we also read:

I Like it When, by Mary Murphy

I like It When

Here’s a few songs and rhymes about penguins!

I’m a Little Penguin
(to the tune of “I’m A Little Teapot”)

I’m a little penguin round and fat
Here is my beak, here is my hat.
Winter days are coming, hear me shout,
“Please don’t toss my mittens out!”

I’m a little penguin black and white.
Short and wobbly, an adorable sight.
I can’t fly at all, but I love to swim.
So I’ll waddle to the water and dive right in.

I’m a little penguin on the ice.
I think cold is very nice.
I can hop around first once, then twice.
I think ice is very nice.

Penguin Shuffle

Penguins shuffle, shuffle, shuffle to the
Left, left, left
Penguins shuffle, shuffle, shuffle to the
Right, right, right,
Give a little wiggle
Give a little hop
Waddle round the iceberg
Never want to stop!

Marching Penguin

Peter, Peter penguin. . .marching by
Toes turned out and head held high (look up)
With a long black coat and a clean white vest
Peter, Peter penguin you’re the best

For our craft we made paper plate penguins.


For instructions and the template to make this craft, please click here:

To order more picture books about penguins, please CLICK HERE.

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