October 2018 – Ten Audiobooks a Month?

This month, Tech Trainers Alyse and Ann give the details of upcoming November classes and Holiday closures. They break down the different FREE streaming services offered by the library. Learn the details about Overdrive (Libby), Hoopla, RBDigital, Acorn, Indieflix, Stingray Quello, Great Courses, Kanopy. All services are available to users with Cleveland Heights Library cards.  Alyse promises to tell us next month how many audiobooks she listens to and surprise – Facebook was hacked again! Ann tells us a spooky story about smart speakers and horror movies.

October 2018 – Ten Audiobooks a Month?
Library Binary with Alyse and Ann

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  1. My name is Cameron, I am a Cleveland State University student looking to make a few episodes of a podcast. I listened to a few of your shows and really admired how well it sounded. I would like my podcast to sound as refined. Would you be able to tell me about what microphones you record with, if you use a sound engineer, and what software goes into editing your show.

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