Printing From Emails

A common question we get asked in the computer lab is about Printing. Finding the print button on emails or on Google Chrome is not always as easy as it appears to some.

Many people find they have accidentally printed their email to include the Inbox display.

This can’t be read!


This is accomplished by going to the menu on Google Chrome and choosing print from there. It will print the entire display, not just the content of the email.

It leaves them with a scrunched up to the side of the paper and barely legible.

The key to printing an email without this extra information is to locate the Print button inside the email account itself, instead of the web browser.


Google’s free email service offers two print buttons for the emails. Both are located at the top of the email display.

The first is a very small printer icon that can be clicked to print the entire correspondence in a single email chain.

The second print option is located under the arrow next to reply. This option allows users to print a single part of a chain of emails, because the arrow appear at the top of each response.


The Print button in Yahoo emails is hidden under the More option.

Using these method guarantees that the email will print properly, without a sidebar.

Now that’s an email I can read!

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