Race, Medicine, and Health Care


The unapologetic guide to Black mental health : navigate an unequal system, learn tools for emotional wellness, and get the help you deserve, by Rheeda Walker

Out in the rural : a Mississippi health center and its war on poverty, by Thomas J. Ward, Jr.

The black woman’s breast cancer survival guide : understanding and healing in the face of a nationwide crisis, by Cheryl D. Holloway

High blood pressure : the black man and woman’s guide to living with hypertension, by James R. Reed and Hilton M. Hudson

Managing cancer : the African American’s guide to prevention, diagnosis and treatment, by George Rawls, Frank P. Lloyd, and Herbert Stern

Uncertain suffering : racial health care disparities and sickle cell disease, by Carolyn Moxley Rouse

Killing the black body : race, reproduction, and the meaning of liberty, by Dorothy E. Roberts

Medical apartheid : the dark history of medical experimentation on Black Americans from colonial times to the present, by Harriet A. Washington

Black man in a white coat : a doctor’s reflections on race and medicine, by Damon Tweedy

Black fatigue : how racism erodes the mind, body, and spirit, by Mary-Frances Winters


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Vaccine Hesitancy, KFF Covid-19 Vaccine Monitor, 2021

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