This has been one of the wettest Aprils I can remember.  So, what better time to discuss rain with our Explorastory kids than now?Books:

“Rain” by Manya Stojic
“Rain Play” by Cynthia Cotten
“Rain Came Down” by David Shannon
Other great books to use for this storytime:
“Mushroom in the Rain” by Ginsburg, Mirra
“In the Rain With Baby Duck” by Hest, Amy
“I Love the Rain” by Margaret Park Bridges
Activity:  Create a human rain storm!  Children must listen quietly and participate as the group simulates the phases of a rain storm by rubbing their hands together, snapping their fingers, clapping and stamping their feet.  Click here to get the full instructions.I also brought a large rain stick in and let the children pass it around.  This got them thinking about the beautiful sound that rain makes when it falls.Fingerplay:
Little Raindrop
This is the sun, high up in the sky,
(Hold hands in circle above head)
A dark cloud suddenly comes sailing by.
(Slide hands to side)
These are the raindrops.
(Make raining motion with fingers)
Pitter patter down.
Watering the flowers,
(Pouring motion)
Growing on the ground.
(Hands pat the ground)

Art Project: We made umbrellas and decorated them by using watered-down glue and different colors of tissue paper.  Children dipped the tissue paper in the water, or painted the water onto their umbrellas and then layered the tissue paper over one another to create beautiful and interesting colors.  We also discussed effect that water had when hitting or splattering on the umbrella.


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