Today in Explorastory, we were introduced to stories featuring birds of every feather!


Hello, My Name is Ruby by Philip C. Stead

Ruby is a little bird with a big personality.  The story follows her as she fearlessly introduces herself to every bird she meets and makes some new friends along the way.  Philip C. Stead’s illustrations are so colorful and energetic they have no trouble holding kids’ attention.  This is a great story for children who may struggle to overcome their shyness and I appreciate that not every bird accepts Ruby’s invitation of friendship.  It’s a nice lesson in experiencing rejection but not letting it get you down.

Little Green by Keith Baker

Little Green is a great quick read for toddlers and up.  It’s a seemingly very simple story about a little boy watching a hummingbird in his garden, but it’s packed with little extras that will make this a regular read.  Try to find the caterpillar on each page one time and the next make your own work of art.  You’ll always find a way to make each read unique.

Flight School by Lita Judge

Everyone knows that penguins can’t fly, but this little penguin is determined to be the first.  Are his teachers up to the challenge?  Will Penguin soar like the eagle he knows he is? Check out this hilarious new book to find out.


Little Owl’s Night by Divya Srinivasan

If your kid likes cartoons (and, c’mon, what kid doesn’t?), than this is an ideal bedtime story for them.  Srinivasan is an incredibly talented animator and she brings that style to her first book while keeping its tone soft and soothing.  Like Little Green, I have a feeling this will become a family favorite.  Kids can wind down for the night just as Little Owl is winding down for the morning and they can both get ready for bed together.



For our craft we made bird feeders out of pipe-cleaners and Cheerios.  Check out all our hard work!

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