Recommendations from Ellen

I am currently reading Kate Morton’s new novel, The Secret Keeper. I’ve been on a spree with her books lately, having just finished The Distant Hours, and reading The Forgotten Garden this past summer.

This new book is proving to be just as good and creepy as the others! I love her suspenseful narratives and convoluted, somewhat-unbelievable-yet-eerily-plausible family sagas. There are always secrets, always some big beautiful house that practically becomes another character in the story, and always a jumping back and forth from past to the present. Classic modern day gothic novels!

I also recently watched Wes Anderson’s latest movie Moonrise Kingdom. It tells the story of a young, outcast orphan boy, Sam, and his first love, Lucy as they attempt to run away together — he with useful camping gear and outdoor skills, and she with a suitcase full of books and her kitten. It is hilarious and heart-breaking, because underneath the many, many funny scenes (mostly involving the adults, played by Bill Murray, Edward Norton, Francis McDormand, Bruce Willis), the typical scenarios of childhood involving growing up and beginning to see the world, and the adults in it, as they truly are is never easy.

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