Recommended by CATS April 2012


Our CATS group of librarians have had at it again!  More fun reads for all ages.  Here are the highlights, the full list of April reviews are here.

Small, Medium, Large

Small, Medium, Large A Book about Relative Sizes By Emily Jenkins

A perfect book for storytime about how large, large things are and how small, small can get. The illustrations are fun, simple and clear.



Marcel the Shell with Shoes onMarcel the Shell with Shoes on Things about Me By Jenny Slate

What has one eye, two shoes, is partially a shell and is cute all over? That’s right; it’s Marcel the Shell with shoes on! Join famed youtube sensation Marcel the Shell as he takes you on an adorable tour of his house and lets you in on some interesting things about him. Does Marcel have a pet? What thrill ride is he most afraid of? What does he use as a helmet? Find out the most intriguing details of his life and more in this captivating book.

Watch the video that inspired the Marcel the Shell book!

Blue SkyBlue Sky By Audrey Wood

Who knew there were so many skies? Sunny skies, stormy skies, cloudy skies, starry skies. Audrey Wood always give a comfortable story to share with picture worth lingering over.

Penny and Her SongPenny and Her Song By Kevin Henkes

Penny came home from school with her very own song, wishing to share it with her family. But the babies are sleeping and then it is dinner time, so when will the time be right for sharing? Finally, after dinner, Penny sings her song, and the whole family joins in. They sing, they dress up, they sing until bedtime. Penny wonders if she will remember her song in the morning, but her parents assure her. And they are right. “Penny remembered her song. Beautifully.” This is a beautiful little story for beginning readers.

Watch Kevin Henkes talk about Penny

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