Return to Thrush Green–or not?

I was excited to learn from one of the folks commenting on my blog about Miss Read that there is a new book that came out this fall called Christmas at Thrush Green (thanks to Sandy).  We don’t have it on order yet, but that seemed reasonable because her books are published in the UK first.   I decided to go to Amazon UK to see if they had it and if there were any reviews as I had decided that I would probably order it.  I was dismayed to find out that it was not written by her, but by her editor, Jenny Dereham.  According to one review, quoting the acknowledgement,  Miss Read “discussed the initial idea, developed the storyline, then left [Jenny Dereham] to put it into words.”

I’m not so sure I like the idea of someone other than Miss Read actually ‘moving in’ and working on the world she created in Thrush Green, so I’ll have to think twice about buying it.  However, some folks did like it, others hated it, and some had mixed feelings.  Check out what they had to say on Amazon UK, and when someone reads it, let us all know what you think.

5 comments on “Return to Thrush Green–or not?

  1. I liked it, but it didn’t have the charm or ‘bite’ of Miss Read’s previous writing.

  2. The plot was fairly typical of Miss Read—but the wording –and conversations were obviously those of others. I was particularly irritated about Emma’s wanting her “ciggies”. However, it was a real treat to be back in dear old Thrush Green; and I was delighted about the events surrounding Nellie Piggott, who along with Charles Henstock, was always a favorite and deserving character. I was so glad to have it—and to get it during the Christmas season was a real “comfort and joy”!

  3. It was okay, but obviously not the same as Miss Read, it had a modern feel, which the previous books lacked. Good to revisit the Thrush Green folk, but prefer the earlier books.

  4. Hello
    I was re-reading ‘Storm in the Village’, and Miss Jackson’s encounter with the gamekeeper. Miss Read’s description of Miss Jackson’s journey to his cottage in the woods was so cleverly written. The suspense was superb; quite real and frightening.
    I’m quite sure if Miss Read had been inclined, she would have made a masterful author of mystery and suspense books.

  5. I did read this last year, at first every seemed okay, a bit like putting on a comfortable pair of shoes, however these shoes actually didn’t fit well at all. In the end I was willing it to end, I had to read it to the end just to put it out of its misery.
    It had none of Miss Reads charm and warmth , but then why should it.
    There was and only ever will be one Miss read. At least it was attempted in good spirit.

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