Rhythmic Artistry By Mary Kay Thomas

November 2018

Celebrating the Arts in many art mediums with a rhythm and flow that can be expressed in the partnerships of visual arts.

Painting with acrylics on canvas with or without metal, mixed media and/or found objects to express versatility with my paintings.

A bright and whimsical way to tie the elements of music, theater and visual art in a ceramic mask.

A creative collage of all art genres sculpted from clay with a gloss glaze.

Art inspires encourages and empowers Mary Kay chose to continue her education to regain the skills she lost from a brain trauma (stroke/aneurysm left her unable to read), and because she loved helping others through her passion for art “I love art and it has been a huge part of my life as far back as I can remember,” she said. “Art proved to be the best therapy.”

After graduating from Tri-C in 2009 with an associate degree, Mary Kay transferred to Ursuline College and earned a bachelor’s degree in Studio Art, with a concentration in Art Therapy, in 2013. She is now a self-employed experience artist and art educator, primarily working as a sculptor, painter and mixed media artist.

She particularly enjoys introducing art to children, and recently worked with students in the Youth Opportunities Unlimited program to create a mural for the Union Miles Development Corporation “Each one of us has the capability to express ourselves through visual art if only given the opportunity,” she said.

“Through art I touch the lives of young people in a positive way, every day.”