What, you say?  We did an entire Explorastory program about rocks?  Now that is strange. But guess what?  There are some great books about rocks, and they are a fantastic medium for arts and crafts!


A Gift from the Sea by Kate Banks
Rocks! Rocks! Rocks! by Nancy Elizabeth Wallace
Rockheads by Harriet Ziefert
Other Great Books about Rocks:
Rocks in His Head by Carol Otis Hurst
Everybody Needs a Rock by Byrd Baylor
Pebble: A Story about Belonging by Susan Milord
Art project:  After reading the book Rockheads, the children made rock heads of their own!  Each child got to pick out their favorite rock (chosen out from a very heavy bin of pebbles we purchased for real cheap at Home Depot).  Then, with paint, feathers, stickers and googly eyes, they decorated them into creatures, faces and colorful soon-to-be paperweights (most likely).
*A note about this project:  Although rocks and pebbles are fun to play with, remember that they can be dangerous too.  Mention to every child that throwing rocks inside, or in the direction of another person is very dangerous.  Choose rocks that can fit inside the palm of their hands so they aren’t too heavy and won’t hurt if they accidently drop it on their wee little toes.  Safey is key!

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