Who can apply and what is the timeline?

  • Anyone can submit an application at any time. Shows are selected and scheduled on a rolling basis.

What type of art can I display?

  • 2 dimensional artworks can be displayed provided that it can be mounted on the mounting strips in the gallery.

Who installs my exhibit and how long will it be hung?

  • You are responsible for installing your own exhibit.
  • An installation date will be assigned to you based on your schedule and library availability.
  • Exhibits will be up for approximately 4 to 6 weeks.
  • You will also be assigned a time to remove your show.

How much art do I need to hang a show in the Art Gallery?

  • The number of pieces you need will vary depending on the sizes of the individual artworks.  Please consider having about 15 pieces to be considered for an exhibit.

Can I sell my artwork?

  • Yes.  Our policy requires that you sign an Artist Agreement that states you agree to donate 10% of sales to the FRIENDS of the Library.  All sales must be handled through the artist, outside of the library and after your show.

Can I have a Gallery Opening?

  • Yes. You can host an opening during regular library hours. The library will provide up to 2 tables and 10 chairs. Food is permitted, but no alcohol. Music is permitted but must be played quietly. Set up and clean up must be done by the artist.

How will my show be promoted?

  • Library staff will photograph your work and feature your exhibit on the library’s website and social media pages (Facebook and Instagram). The artist is responsible for any other promotional materials and activities, including flyers.

If you still have questions about the Gallery, please give us a call at 216-932-3600, ext. 1250. If you’re interested in displaying your work please read and fill out the following: Gallery Information and Application.