In My Day: An Oral History Project in the Heights

Stories have to be told or they die, and when they die, we can’t remember who we are or why we’re here.

Sue Monk Kidd

Everyone has a story to tell, and every story is important to share with others. Inspired by our 2016 centennial celebration and the previous work of Joanne Lewis, as published in In Our Day: Cleveland Heights, Its People, Its Places, Its Past, the In My Day project seeks to share the diverse and unique stories of Cleveland Heights and University Heights residents. Through this simple, free service we also hope to preserve these stories for future generations, adding them to the tapestry of our community’s rich and varied history.

See stories from your Heights neighbors here!

You can participate in three ways:

  1. Sign up for a recording session with our local history librarian, Jessica Robinson, at (216) 932-3600 Ext. 1248.
  2. Come to one of our special, themed recording programs (see below). Each recording session is a half hour long, and cookies and cocoa will be provided to all who register.
  3. Record a story yourself with the SimplyTold app

How to record using the SimplyTold app:

  1. First download the SimplyTold app on your smart device (iPhone, iPad, or Android tablet/phone). You must have access to wifi to use this app, and your phone must be turned to shoot in landscape mode.
  2. Login with the following information:
    Username: heightsguest
    Password: HeightsGuest
  3. Give the app permission to access your microphone. (You may need to reopen the app after this step.)
  4. Select the option for “Instant Story.”
  5. Push the red button to start recording, and push it again when you want to stop recording.
  6. Click either “retake” to reshoot the video if you don’t like, or click “use video” to send it to our library team for approval contingent on compliance with our community standards.
  7. Give your video a title, and make sure that the title includes your name so that we can match up your release form with your video. Videos that do not include a full name in the title may not be published if we cannot determine the identity of the owner.
  8. Fill out and sign a release form.

If you get stuck call your local Heights library for help, or sign up for a training session.

In My Day is funded in part by an ArtsNEXT grant from the Ohio Arts Council. For furthermore information visit