She Drives Me Crazy

You can fit so many tropes into this one.

Fake dating? Check.
Enemies to lovers? Check.
Grand gestures? Check.
Basketball and cheerleader? Check.

Honestly, this book has everything you could ever want. The icing on the cake is it’s Sapphic. She Drives Me Crazy by Kelly Quindlen follows Scottie Zajac, a nerdy basketball player that just broke up with her toxic ex, and Irene Abraham: head cheerleader, very popular, and very smart. She also just so happens to be Scottie’s nemesis. Scottie isn’t having the best night. No, first her team loses to her ex-girlfriend’s team (yikes) and then she gets into a fender bender with her nemesis (double yikes). Scottie’s and Irene’s mothers both decide that the girls should carpool to school (triple yikes), which of course leads to shenanigans.

After the initial shock, Scottie realizes that this is the perfect opportunity to not only climb the social ladder at school and bring more attention to the girl’s basketball team, but to also get back at her ex-girlfriend. The plan? Scottie and Irene pretend to be girlfriends. The problem? Remember how they hate each other? If both girls can pull this off then they’d both benefit from their scheme and maybe even get a better understanding of each other. Maybe even fall in love in the process.

Can they do it?

Give this book a try and find out!

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