Stories You Will Want to read Again

Tired of reading the great epic novel or that science journal? Take a break with this beautiful collection of short stories, The Other Language by Italian writer and actress Francesca Marciano. Experience her heartbreakingly beautiful language as she depicts various relationships amidst the interior and exterior travel of individuals.

Many of the stories have an Italian perspective or flair but you will also visit other far flung destinations among these pages. Here is a sampling:

Returning to the Greek island they always vacationed on with their deceased wife and mother, a father and his children try to move forward in their grief, only to have one of the daughters faced with some serious coming of age situations.

A woman’s purchase of an uber expensive Chanel dress comes to mean more to her than the price.

A  spur of the moment trip to a Swahilian island in Africa to reconnect with a long ago lover brings many surprises.

Renovating a southern Italian villa has far reaching effects on the local citizens and the new owner.

Traveling to India for an unforgettable vacation, a married couple has a seemingly happy trip.

And, my favorite, an Italian writer shares her code for living with her readers which she learned at the feet of her mother whose motto is ‘meglio morta che in pigama’ or ‘better dead than in p.j.s’. But, everything is not always as it seems.

The fragility of life, love and relationships are all explored in this treasury of alluring and elegant words as Ms. Marciano encompasses the best in short story writing while painting evocative descriptions of her characters and locations. Enjoy!

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