Sunday and Friday Hours Restored at Heights Libraries

Thanks to the passage of its operating levy in November 2014, Heights Libraries now has funding to reinstate  Sunday hours  at the Coventry Village and Noble Neighborhood branches, and Friday hours at the Coventry branch. Beginning Friday, May 15, the Coventry branch will reopen from 9 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. to reinstate the Friday hours that were cut in January 2014.  On Sunday, May 17, all branches will be open from 1 p.m. until 5 p.m. to reinstate the hours that were eliminated in 2009, when Ohio’s Public Library Fund was drastically cut by the state government.

“We are as delighted about this as we hope our customers are, because we know that, for many in our community, Sunday is a perfect library day,” said Heights Libraries Director Nancy Levin.  “It’s a family day, a homework day, a leisure day, a day to pursue hobbies, a day to spend in contemplation, as well as a day of work. All of these activities can be made better by a trip to the library.”

Levin also is pleased the Library will reopen Coventry on Fridays. The branch was closed on Fridays beginning in January 2014 because Heights Libraries decided to increase hours at the University Heights branch in 2014, the second most-heavily used of the four branches (behind the Lee Road branch), with the second highest circulation rates and second highest population of patrons living near, and using, the branch. In contrast, Fridays at the Coventry Village branch had the lowest circulation and visit rates in the system.

“We promised to study the results of the Friday closure and to reexamine the cost/benefits after one year,” said Levin. “We were able to utilize the closed time on Fridays to make additional upgrades to the branch by improving accessibility and technology, improving children’s services, and ensuring the future success of Coventry.”

To cover the additional hours that the branches will be open, Heights Libraries has hired four full-time Youth Services Associates, in anticipation that the customer traffic on Sundays will include high numbers of families and children.