Take a Super Seat and Read!

Where is your favorite place to sit? What seat do you know the best? When you’re out and about, where do you sit for a rest? Are there enough places to rest? Are you someone who needs to think about that, or not? In Sam’s Super Seats, we meet a young girl who must think about where she’ll rest. Luckily, her world has many super seats and super seats in training for her!  

This delightful picture book follows a day in the life of Sam, her parents, and her best friends as they go shopping at the mall. As we get to know Sam and her family and friends, we also get to know the seats that help her through the day, each with its own name and personality. Sam has cerebral palsy, so rest is an essential part of a fun day.   

Sam’s Super Seats absolutely radiates love. Each vibrantly illustrated spread shows fun, encouragement, and support between every character. Sam and her dad name four things they like about themselves every morning. The young girls act out their aspirations, pick out cute, comfy clothes, and talk about how smart and strong they are. The love they have for themselves is remarkable. 

When it is time for Sam to rest, her able-bodied mother and friends are glad to rest as well: 

“‘I will only be a few more minutes,’ [Sam] says. 

‘Take your time. People watching is fun!’ Sydney says. Mommy squeezes my hand like she does when she wants me to remember that she loves me. I remember. I love her too.”  

A “take your time,” a reassuring hand squeeze; so much love is captured in these small moments.  

Author Keah Brown, an author, journalist, actor, and screenwriter who has cerebral palsy herself, set out to create a book about disability that centers joy and self-love. She more than succeeded! Illustrator Sharee Miller is the creator behind books such as Don’t Touch My Hair!, another picture book that delightfully encourages the bodily autonomy of young Black girls.  

I invite you to find your own super seat and curl up with someone you love (even just yourself!) and and any book that helps you feel comfy and self-assured. Remember: rest is your right!  

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