The Art Forger-What is Real and What is Fictitious

Luckily, B.A. Shapiro, a creative writing professor at Boston’s Northeastern University and author of The Art Forger, had the persistence to keep attempting to get this book published after dozens of rejections. Her tenacity has paid off for her readers who will learn much about art forgery and reproductions in her first published novel. What she’s created is an intriguing story that book clubs and fiction readers will love.

After falling from grace in the art world, gifted artist Claire is presented with an opportunity of a lifetime which at first glance does not appear to be  ethical-duplicating a Degas painting that was stolen from Boston’s Isabelle Stewart Gardner Museum. As she gets more and more involved in the project, she takes it upon herself to try to solve the mystery of the painting’s disappearance. Claire is a memorable character-plucky, maligned, talented and, perhaps, morally challenged.

Though tenuously based on the largest art heist in history, the author adeptly weaves fact and fiction introducing forgery, art reproduction, Degas and the life of Isabelle Stewart Gardner. It is up to the reader to discern which parts of her story are fact based and which parts have been added to entertain the reader. Hopefully, it will stimulate your interest to discover more about this fascinating topic. Those who love mysteries, art and a good book will gravitate to this story.

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