The Best Teen Book Blogs (Besides This One, of Course)

There are lots of ways to find good books to read, but often my favorite books are the ones recommended to me by friends. And the next-best thing is a book recommended to you by a peer (who just might become a friend!). That’s why book blogs, especially book blogs written by teens, are a fantastic way to find new reading material. Below are some of my favorites:

Readers in Wonderland — a fantastic blog run by a duo, Alise and Bec. Bec is Australian, and she’s introduced me to some great Australian authors that I never would have read otherwise.

Books of Amber — Amber is British– another great way to expand your scope of authors and books.

She Reads She Blogs — Jackie hosts a lot of readathons– like a virtual book club. It’s a great way to discuss and hear other points of view (and also just freak out about great books you love).

Chapter by Chapter — A blog run by a mother-daughter duo provides two really interesting perspectives.

Clear Eyes, Full Shelves — Just straightforward, smart, well-written reviews.

Read on, and enjoy.

2 comments on “The Best Teen Book Blogs (Besides This One, of Course)

  1. Hey there! Thanks so much for including my blog & podcast, Clear Eyes, Full Shelves, in your round-up! We love recommending and discussing books, especially books for teens, so it’s much appreciated!

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