The Higher Power of Lucky

In The Higher Power of Lucky, Susan Patron has created an indomitable character in ten year old Lucky Trimble.  Lucky lives in Hard Pan, CA (population 43) with her dog HMS Beagle and Brigitte, the young French woman who is her guardian. Lucky vacillates between sheer pluckiness, as she gathers insect specimens or scares snakes out of the dryer, and fear, as she dwells on thoughts of insects crawling in her ears or of being abandoned to some orphanage in LA, should Brigitte decide to return to France. Lucky would miss so many things about Hard Pan, including no longer being able to eavesdrop on twelve step anonymous programs.  That’s where she hears all about Higher Powers. Lucky needs to find her own and quickly.

All of the characters in this book are both idiosyncratic and endearing, including  five-year-old Miles, the cookie-hustler and Lincoln, who is seriously addicted to knot-tying. (And he’s not the only one.)  Visit The International Guild of  Knot Tyers’ website.) Matt Phelan’s half-tone illustrations breathe more life into these quirky characters.

I am looking forward to seeing what Lucky is up to in Lucky Breaks.

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