The Horror

With Halloween being one of the holidays closest to my candy corn-filled heart, and that not being too far away, I think it’s time to start getting some scary goin’ on.  Here’s a few for different ages, just to get you started:

Alpha Oops! is back with a Halloween version, starring “H”.  Normally I go right to the “Q” or “X” pages, but you should linger on “K” where you will find possibly the only picture book sighting of the fearsome KRAKEN! Bob Kolar’s illustrations lose none of their spookiness for being so kid friendly.
Greg Heffley afficionados will just die for this adaptation of the diary  Diary of a Stinky Dead Kid is the 8th book in a graphic novel series Tales From the Crypt in which the Ghoulunatics tell creepy stories.  This time around, they have Glugg lead the way in skewering Jeff Kinney’s Wimpy Kid.  Additional stories feature chilling lampoons of Twilight and everyone’s favorite party game, Guitar Hero.  School Library Journal regards this as “a moody, dramatic piece.”

Bloody Horowitz by Anthony Horowitz: Book CoverFinally for the older crowd, there are some really creepy bits in Bloody Horowitz, a set of 14 tales of over the top horror, including murderous robot nannies, a famous children’s author being stalked and dispatched, and the true (?) story of the poor publisher who had to confront the author of this book about making some ‘cuts’, which the author gruesomely decides to do….

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