The Mystery of the Blue Train

There’s always a certain aura of glamour about Golden Age detective novels. Agatha Christie’s The Mystery of the Blue Train features the elements of her greatest plots: the Continental train journey, the clues to the murder, the jewel theft, and the internationally-famous detective, Hercule Poirot.

First published in 1928, this vintage Christie novel has indeed aged well. The puzzle is intriguing, the characters are memorable, and the fascination of beautiful jewels (in this case, the notorious necklace of rubies named the Heart of Fire) never loses its allure.

It’s always a good time to read Agatha Christie, and Blue Train is the Queen of Mystery at her best.

Also? There’s a movie version on DVD: Agatha Christie Poirot

You can listen to the book on CD: The Mystery of the Blue Train

And you can try other detective novels from the Golden Age:

Dorothy Sayers’ novel Gaudy Night, featuring Lord Peter Wimsey and Harriet Vane

Josephine Tey’s The Franchise Affair, in which character reveals all

Enjoy your journey to the Golden Age of detective fiction!

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