The Prize – a guest star book review of Diary of a Wimpy Kid

The children’s department had an impromptu program today.  The challenge was to

  1. Read a book
  2. Locate Henry
  3. Tell him about it
  4. Win the Prize

Most of the day had past by when a young guy by the name of Graham introduced himself to me and told me about the book he’d been reading.  It happens to be one of many people’s favorites, the side-splitting Diary Of A Wimpy Kid. The bar to get through the list of tasks was set pretty high, and Graham did a great job of completing them, all with no idea what kind of ‘prize’ he might be winning.   So what was the mysterious Prize?  Being the guest reviewer/interviewee right here on Charlotte’s Weblog!  Here’s what Graham thought of Diary:

“It’s a funny book.  I like it because it’s funny.”  This, mind you, is the sort of analysis that children’s authors google until their fingers are sore to hear said about their book.  Diary chronicles the life of a school kid, which can be frustrating, embarrassing and just really difficult.  Greg Heffley, (aka the Wimpy Kid), sees himself coolly above the fray but this is not at all the case.  Greg’s attempt to make it through school is told in a combination of writing, illustration and hilarity.  Indeed, I see Diary on many lists targeted at drawing in kids who normally would avoid reading the way Greg  avoids a stinky slice of cafeteria swiss cheese lacquered on the playground at school.  Touching this foul squishy square curses you with the dreaded “Cheese Touch”, which Graham informed me that you can only get rid of if you touch someone else and pass it on to them.  “Like cooties,” Graham told me.  Is Graham worried about this happening to him at school?  “I’m not worried,” Graham declared confidently.

I found it interesting how Graham came to know about this awesome book.  He told me that he saw the movie.  Remember the cheese touch?

I forgot to ask what Graham is interested in reading next.  But since the series of Wimpy Kid books extends to five volumes (currently), he might be kept in hilarious reading for some time to come:

And have you seen the trailer for the movie version of Rodrick Rules?


Maybe you’d even like to put a hold on the DVD.

And how cool is Graham for getting into reading the book?  Congratulations and a big thank you from the library!

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