the rabbits are coming hurr-ay hurr-ay

There have been A LOT of books coming in lately about rabbits.  Maybe there’s something to them being all in the delivery truck together.  Maybe books about rabbits multiply like…rabbits?  Maybe after you read these books, you’ll want to find one to come live with you!

Bunny Days, by Tao Nyeu, is a great mix of cartoony graphics, gentle storytelling (it made me think of Dog and Bear stories) and woodland creatures using appliances.  Six bunnies get into a couple tight spots, through no fault of their own.  Fortunately, Bear is there to help out.  There’s a subtle humor in the way that muddy bunnies (the first of the three stories in the book) can be helped by being put in a washing machine and hung up to dry.  Sound grim?  Don’t worry, everyone is okay in the end.

Peter Rabbit Show Me Your Ears, a nice BIG touch and feel book, takes the characters from Beatix Potter’s popular stories and highlights their features by inviting readers to feel Tom Kitten’s icky sticky paws (really sticky!) or the soft fluffy tail of Squirrel Nutkin (My new bowling name, by the way, will be Squirrel Nutkin). The large drawings look inviting but the original illustrations make an appearance as well, in all their fancy timelessness.  Look for this one in the board book section.

The latest Wee Little title from Lauren Thomson follows Wee Little Bunny as he scampers playfully around a meadow, getting into all kinds of encounters with his fellow creatures.  The large, zoomed in and realistic illustrations really animate the li’l critters. They are drawn to scale which is really cool if you’ve ever imagined an encounter between a baby rabbit and a porcupine.  All in all, this a very viewable feel-good book.

As you can see,Sergio Ruzzier’s Hey, Rabbit!has a suitcase.  There are more than a few animals hoping that there’s something in it for them.  Something personal and reminds them of their home.  And there is!  In fact, there’s a pretty amazing amount of stuff for everyone.  But what about for Rabbit?

And here’s a hilarious video:

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