The Rest is Still Unwritten

Now, we’re not going to be talking about that Unwritten (you know you love that Natasha Bedingfield song!), but I have started a new-to-me graphic novel series called The Unwritten by Mike Carey, and I am hooked! Tommy Taylor is the book series that’s all the rage with the world at large. It’s all about magic spells, good versus evil, and child wizards, led by the fearless boy wizard Tommy Taylor who must defeat his arch nemesis, Count Ambrosio.

……Wait a minute….Doesn’t that sound like a story we’ve all already read; a boy wizard destined to save wizard-kind from an evil doer? Harry Potter anyone?

Back to the review, the character Tommy Taylor is based off of the author’s son Tom. This fact has made the real Tom, now an adult, a much praised public figure. The story begins with a press conference, at which Tom is accused by an audience member of not actually being the author’s son, but an imposter riding on the coattails of his fame. This can’t be verified by the author himself because he has been in hiding for the past few years. This means Tom has to run from the angry mobs, to his childhood home, where he starts to learn dark secrets. Fiction and reality begin to blend, and Tom finds out that he is actually a little closer to the character Tommy Taylor than he thought he was.

Overall, I’m really enjoying the series so far. It’s entertaining, while making a great statement about how the public can great caught up in a book series, blending their favorite characters into their daily lives and bringing them to life.

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