Three little Kittens

Well not really kittens, more like vicious blood thirsty tigresses with gore and blood dripping from their razor sharp fangs. And no they didn’t lose their mittens. With those kinds of claws they would ruin their mittens anyway.

In the book,  The Cathouse, Anna J., Brittani Williams and Laurinda Brown take us on a journey through the doors and behind the scenes of Allure, D.C.’s finest pleasure palace (a.k.a brothel). We  see through the eyes and dwell in the minds of its employees. We are witnesses to the fall of the place which is the pinnacle of hedonism and decadence.  The place where you have to be VIP just to get in the door and a VIP VIP’s to get into the Champagne room (And to answer your question yes, there is. And how!)  (Side note: if you know what song I’m referring to, you’re OLD.)(OLD!!!!)

The story revolves around four main characters.

Earl the CEO, an entrepreneur, whose profession is serving as a liaison among mortal men and the ethereal creatures who have mastered the practice of the sensual arts.

(Note: Being ethereal creatures who spend their evenings bewitching men with the sensual arts may sound like a pretty good profession.  Well,  the hours are horrible, there are no holidays off, there is no health or dental. You work in hazardous conditions in a uniform that is more about the creating an aesthetic than meeting health or safety regluations.  And after all that suffering and struggle, you have to give all the money you’ve earned to an employer who has the right to use corporal punishment if he feels your productivity  is lacking.  Uh no thank you.) Yet I digress.

Lady Dee who is mad-ager of this operation and coincidentally was Earl’s…er first employee. With her assistant Brandy, she has intentions of expanding the business by adding services for the wealthy ladies who are receiving lack luster loving from their spouses and have money to burn. Her goal is to provide the most talented, experienced, and attractive men that money could buy. Well after the tryouts. Of course. Oh, and send Kimora packing.

Kimora is the main er, employee of the year, Earl’s mistress, and the bane of Lady Dee’s existence.  She has plans of her own. Taking Lady Dee’s job is the first step to her ultimate goal of never having to worry about money again.

And Torri, the newbie, with tricks up her sleeve that will rock allure and ultimately lead to its demise.

The story is divided into three parts and each part is written by one of the authors. It is interesting seeing how the characters change and yet remain the same depending on whom is writing. And, of course, every part is chocked full of erotic scenes that will leave you breathless.  And warm all over.  And thirsty.  (Well maybe not thirsty.)

Who stays? Who goes? Who lives? Who dies? I can’t remember. You have to read the book. But I can’t make you. Like I always say, You can’t force a horse to bake a cake out of lemonade when he has been crying about crumbled cookies in his eggs….wait what?

3 comments on “Three little Kittens

  1. I love the setting of your story. I find your approach where the core of the story is life and your eroticism tickling and enticing.

  2. Shelley a.k.a. the librarian goddess of guilty pleasures,
    Your Three Little Kittens review is possibly the funniest that I have ever read and you know I read a bunch each year. You rule!!! If I ever have a spare minute I will read this one. Thank you for a great review and a good laugh.

  3. Shelley – I am anxiously awaiting the next review. Not so I can read the book, so much, but so I can read the review. these things are amazingly well-written and hilarious. c’mon….its been a month already. please, either write a book yourself or review another one soon.

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