Throwing Heat Like a Woman

While you’re waiting for the season opener, read local author, Susan Petrone’s new novel, Throw Like a Woman and join Brenda Haversham, a recently divorced mother who is lives in an inner ring Cleveland suburb. Her graphic art skills are outdated and she works in data entry, barely making ends meet. She’s rich in anger though, mostly for her cheating ex who may or may not show up for his bi-weekly afternoons with his two sons. When Brenda throws an impressive 86 mph pitch at a Cleveland Indians ballpark concourse game, she’s filmed by bystanders and soon becomes an Internet sensation. Shortly thereafter, she’s recruited by a rec team and scouted by major league teams. Petrone delivers a thoroughly enjoyable Cinderella story full of humor and a thorough understanding of the fine points of baseball. That’s not to say that there aren’t bumps in the road when Brenda assumes her role as Cleveland Indians “Stopper,” and the first woman to play in the major leagues. Brenda’s adolescent son is not exactly thrilled with his mom’s new job, and a budding romance threatens to make Brenda too happy to muster the anger she needs to pitch. Then there are the threats and trash talk from detractors. Brenda’s team mates aren’t exactly welcoming either, but Brenda is sassy enough to deal with it all. Petrone’s wit is especially evident in the laugh out loud repartee between Brenda and her team mates.  This story is a balm to the winter blues. It’s too tempting to use a baseball metaphor and say that Petrone hits it out of the park.

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